A LOVELY DAY IN TARNOW. YouTuberzy z Feather and the Wind w naszym mieście

2017-11-21 01:48

YouTuberzy Feather and the Wind z Kanady odwiedzili Tarnów. Tak opisali swoją wizytę w naszym mieście „Tarnow might be the one of the smallest cities we’ve been to in Poland but it was a pleasant surprise. The fun starts at a nostalgic tram cafe before we practice our Polish at the local ‘Burek’ market. We had lunch at a milk bar, toured some more sights in the old town and end our day in Tarnow with some local liquor called tarninowka. Next up in our Poland travel series is….Katowice! Where we went in this Tarnow, Poland travel video: - Tarnow Old Town Square - Cafe Tramwaj - Tarnow Market, Burek Square - St. Mary’s Church (wooden church) - Strzelecki Park, Josez Bem Mausoleum - Milk Bar: Bar Mleczny Łasuch - Tarnow Train Station”

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